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Learn English, French or German in the country of languages

In the heart of Europe and sharing a border with three different countries, Luxembourg is one of the most interesting locations in terms of multilingualism. Each of the three languages (French, German and Luxembourgish) is used as a primary language depending on the situation.

Whereas Luxembourgish is used when speaking with friends and family, French is the administrative language of Luxembourg. German is generally the first language children acquire at school, and it is also the language used for broadcasting media.

Berlitz International Camps in Luxembourg

Explore Echternach with its beautiful forests and river valley


Go climbing, geocaching or try archery and explore Echternach with its beautiful forests, river valleys and stunning sandstone cliffs.

The Berlitz Camp in Lultzhausen


Our camp is perfect for lovers of nature: Finish an adventurous afternoon of kayaking with a campfire at the beach or go mountain biking in the near forest.

Luxembourg City

Luxembourg City

Explore the city of Luxembourg with funny activities in French.

Luxembourg City

Luxembourg City Day Camp

Explore escape games, various workshops, action games and much more during this Day Camp in the heart of Luxembourg City.

Teaser - LU - Marienthal


Escape games, archery, rope parc or tandem tour - discover all activities during this camp in the beautiful city of Marienthal.

Spend some time at Calypso health spa with pool area


Live an unforgettable vacation by learning a new language and participating in sports and cultural activities!

About the English language

Learn English - and the world becomes smaller

Communication has always brought people closer together and English has played an important part in doing so. English speakers span the globe. From the UK and Ireland to the United States and Canada and down to Australia and New Zealand, English is spoken as a first language in multiple countries on 3 of our 7 continents.

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About the French language

Learn French - and unlock the doors of opportunities

French is taught in every country in the world. After English, it’s the most commonly taught foreign language across the globe. Besides, it is the official language of no less than 29 countries! What’s more, learning French unlocks the door to the world of Romance languages. Master it, and related languages will be easy to pick up, too.


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About the German language

German - the language of innovation

Classified as an official language in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, South Tyrol, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Belgium, it is the most widely spoken language in the European Union.

Did you know that 107 Nobel prizes have been awarded to people from German-speaking countries in the fields of physics, chemistry and medicine alone?


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