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Learn English on "the green isle"

Ireland is rightly known as “The Green Isle” because of its wonderful and lush green scenery. The Irish people are famous for their humor and easy-going lifestyle.

Two fantastic locations for English camps in Ireland are waiting to be explored: Killary on the rugged and beautiful west coast, and Dublin, the capital city.

Camp participants will constantly build on their English skills by attending effective language classes run by experienced native speakers while enjoying the warm-hearted hospitality of Ireland during afternoon and evening programs.


Berlitz International Camps in Ireland

About the English language

Learn English - and the world becomes smaller

Communication has always brought people closer together and English has played an important part in doing so. English speakers span the globe. From the UK and Ireland to the United States and Canada and down to Australia and New Zealand, English is spoken as a first language in multiple countries on 3 of our 7 continents.

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