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Learn French in France!

Visit Paris, the splendid capital of France, the heart of history, art, culture and fashion! Spend unforgettable language holidays together with French teenagers. Known as “Colonies des Vacances”, camps have a fairly long tradition in France.

Have fun, practice different kinds of sports and enjoy exciting and interesting holidays, with French and International participants in the same camp. Let’s go to France, to learn, make friends and discover the typical French lifestyle, le “savoir-vivre à la française”.

Berlitz International Camps in France



Along the Marne River, this natural area is a unique place only 30km from Paris. We have access to a forest with 2 lakes covering over 350 hectares on the camp grounds.

About the French language

Learn French - and unlock the doors of opportunities

French is taught in every country in the world. After English, it’s the most commonly taught foreign language across the globe. Besides, it is the official language of no less than 29 countries! What’s more, learning French unlocks the door to the world of Romance languages. Master it, and related languages will be easy to pick up, too.


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